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About Al Abbar Group

The Vision

Quality, Commitment, Innovation & Trust

Quality, Commitment, Innovation & Trust are the centered beliefs, which have been the winning philosophy of our continuous success. Al Abbar recognizes and gives emphasis on these values and principles that serves as cornerstones of our success.

The Team
  1. Al Abbar Aluminium & Glass established.

  2. Al Abbar Coatings was formed as an in-house powder coating facility.

  3. Al Abbar Aluminium became a seperate division and acquired it's own purpose built office and factory for curtain wall design and fabrication.

  4. Al Abbar Stainless Steel Co. was formed as an in-house stainless steel fabrication facility.

  5. Al Abbar Architectural Glass division, an independent glass division came into existence.

  6. Al Abbar Philippines became the overseas design company for the group.

  7. Al Abbar Architectural Metal & Glass based in Mumbai, India was established

  8. Al Abbar Glass & Aluminium company in Kingdom of Bahrain has been established

  9. Al Abbar International Glass & Aluminium at Muscat, Oman has born

  10. Al Abbar expanded production facility to Dubai Investment Park II

global presence

Al Abbar International Glass & Aluminium - Oman

In another landmark development of the Al Abbar Group, we have recently opened a new regional office in the city of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The registered office has been launched after Al Abbar Aluminium's highly successful bid and contract award for the design, supply and installation of the external façade and roof of the New Muscat International Airport Terminal Building. Although Al Abbar Aluminium and Glass has been present in the Sultanate for many years and has completed a number of prestigious projects, the board of Directors of Al Abbar has shown its support for the GCC construction market with this expansion during global economic uncertainty.

Al Abbar Aluminum Phils Inc – Philippines

Al Abbar Aluminium-Philippines was established in 2004 to provide design and engineering service and support to the Dubai Office.

Using the latest workstation equipped with advanced hardware and 3D designers, Al Abbar Aluminium Philippines now produces the bulk of detailed designs, shop drawings and cutting lists for each project. Upon completion they are sent to Dubai office for processing and production through digital links. Based in Manila,AlAbbarAluminium Philippines employs a growing number of façade engineers, CAD designers and operators. They also employ and train university graduates under the guidance of experienced façade design engineering managers. Al Abbar ensures the quality of designs are not compromised in any way or form.

Al Abbar Metal & Glass Private Limited –India

Al Abbar Metal & Glass Private Limited, was established in 2008 to provide design and estimation support to Al Abbar Group.

Through the Al Abbar's expansion into the Indian construction market, AAMG is now engaged in actively managing the execution of design, supply, and installation of facades, which has culminated in the highly successful completion of Al Abbar's first project in Mumbai, Nirlon Knowledge Park Phase II. The success of this project saw Al Abbar committing both investment and resources to India, which culminated with the opening of our production facility in Mumbai in late 2010. This will ensure that Al Abbar will continue to provide a level of service and quality to our Indian clients.

certifications & accreditations
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