27-28 February 2012

Al Abbar Sponsors 4th Annual Facade Design and Engineering Middle East held in Qatar 27 - 28 February 2012.

Designing functional and sustainable building envelopes by utilising smart technologies to deliver iconic facades - The region's only conference dedicated to the design and sustainable construction of cost-effective, iconic facades. Building on the outstanding success of IQPC's past Facade Design and Engineering Summits across the MENA region.

Facade engineering is often considered to be the highest risk of any project. The exterior envelope of a building acts as a filter protecting the internal space from undesirable elements whilst allowing beneficial elements in. The facade is vital to achieve a habitable internal space.Minimum performance criteria are set out with legislations and codes which all projects in the Middle East must achieve. Majority of these performance criteria's are now driven by the need to improve building energy efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions. Facade specialists have to be equipped with the latest technologies, materials and industry knowledge to ensure continued project success. IQPC has offered facade industry experts the opportunity to learn from their industry leaders, share highly specialised skills and various technological demands of building envelopes built to meet the required Middle East design criteria. 4th Annual Facade Design and Engineering Middle East has brought together senior individuals from developers, architects and consultants from across the region and globally.