26 - 28 September 2011, Mumbai, India

Over 25 facades experts gathered in Mumbai to help boost India's building industry.

With the state governments pushing for a renewed focus on the renovation of the facades of iconic structures that dot India's landscape - some dating back many hundreds of years - and with a drive to build the tallest skyscrapers in Asia among key metropolitan developers, facade designers have been quick to note the impending boom in the industry. Mumbai alone accounts for US $37 billion out of the US $100 billion in construction projects ongoing India-wide with 85 skyscrapers and 130 malls under development in the sprawling city.

With increasing attention being shifted towards sustainable facades, durable material, new technologies and ultimately a better ROI for the facade in large scale development, the International Quality & Productivity Centre has invited over 25 global and Indian facade experts to gather at its 2nd annual Facade India Design & Engineering Summit.